Welcome Speech



elcome to the official website of UNISEL Alumni Centre. With the existence of this website, it is hoped that it can be another medium to communicate more effectively and professionally between the alumni in a continuous and effective manner. It is hoped that the Alumni Centre will play a role as a mediator between the alumni and the university.

This website is also intended to provide as much information as possible on the activities that are organised by the Alumni Centre. We are currently contacting more UNISEL alumni with nearly 25,000 people, focusing our efforts to contact those who have lost contact with UNISEL.

We are in the process of building an Alumni Portal for the alumni to update their personal details which allows us to provide information and the latest news to the alumni more effectively. With the information provided, we hope to be able to make these three networks to assist the alumni career-wise as well as reconnecting with old friends.

Finally, thank you to the alumni for visiting this website. It is hoped that the website can help improve our services. Suggestions or comments for improvements of the website is highly welcomed.

Thank you.