Salam and Greetings from GRADUAN®!

We would like to inform you that the GRADUAN® ASPIRE CAREER & POSTGRADUATE FAIR is back!

GRADUAN®‘s very own talent networking fair in Malaysia!

This year, GRADUAN® ASPIRE Career & Postgraduate Fair’s theme is Go Digital, featuring more than 150 employers and institutions who are very engaging and are excited to help talent understand and relate to today’s fast changing industry, the challenging job market and the vast opportunities available.

Happening on 20 and 21 May 2017, we would like to invite you, your members, your Alumni (those eligible) to register for Aspire+ Corporate Luncheon! Not only will you get the opportunity to listen to what top company leaders have to share but also to have a face-to-face interaction with them! Did you know that last year, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes hired a participant on the spot during Aspire+?!

The Aspire+ Corporate Luncheon is limited to 200 seats and open to professionals with minimum of 3 years’ experience.

Some of the invited CEOs are:

  • Dato’ Mohammad Faiz Azmi, Executive Chairman, PwC
  • Mr Raja Singham, Managing Director of Brickfields Asia College
  • Mr Erik Stoel, CEO of British American Tobacco
  • Mr Peter Bellew, CEO of Malaysia Airlines Berhad

We strongly believe that this is a chance that should not be missed as it is a great platform to network and knowledge exchange.

All those interested would just have to:

  1. Visit http://www.graduan.com/aspire
  2. Tick the ‘ASPIRE+’ box
  3. Fill in all the compulsory details with *
  4. Submit CV/resume
  5. Click ‘Register to career fair’
  6. You’re done and will be notified if you are selected to attend ASPIRE+!

Click at the image to get a full information.

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