3 Network

Dear alumni,
The Alumni Centre of UNISEL has created #UNISELAlumniCONNECT in 2015. #UNISELAlumniCONNECT is a three form a network to develop beneficial relationships between alumni and graduates as well as to strengthen alumnis’ commitment to UNISEL.

3 of these networks are:
a) Malaysian Regional Network (MRN) – according to the state of residency of alumni such as Selangor, Kedah, Johor.
b) International Regional Network (IRN) – according to the country of alumni live and work like Yemen, Turkey, Indonesia.
c) Shared Interest Network (SIN) – according to the area of expertise/job/individual interests such as, banking, oil and gas, media, volunteers and others.

This questionnaire is intended to:
1. To track back the alumni UNISEL.
2. To get the latest data on the alumni of UNISEL.
3. To achieve the goals of #UNISELAlumniCONNECT

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